About Me

Stefano Giusti born in 1962 in Florence, where I currently work and live. In 1976, immediately after mandatory school, I attended the Professional School of Photography ‘IPIA Leonardo Da Vinci’. My first steps as a photographer have been a training ground of experiences and explorations with curiousity for the newest technologies and empiric experimentations.
In 1984 I opened my first studio with a friend, then in 1988 I started my own business in via Delle Montalve, 2 in Florence, where I work with my team. The modern market requests the use of digital photography, but I am also experienced in traditional film photography, with which my passion for this art and job started.
I am specialized in Architectural Photography, Still Life and Art Reproduction.
In Architectural Photography, both for internal and external locations, i take great care of Lighting and keep a close eye on the atmosphere that needs to be portrayed. For best results, the images are realized with the use of optic wide angle lenses or with panoramic shots, always thought and optimized to be seen on the web.
I produce Still-Life Photography both in my Studio or on the spot. Over the years I developed various lightning techniques, one of the many is the Lightning Pen Technique used to enhance shapes and textures of the represented subjects.
All the images produced are finalized to the use of print or web, on which, on request I do post production.
A few clients with which I collaborate and worked:
Still-life pubblicitario Salvatore Ferragamo, Stefano Ricci, Enrico Coveri, Conte Max, Moghi, Pelletteria Jaguar, Dorabruschi cosmetici Marchesi De Frescobaldi, Richard Ginori, S.I.D.E.A. Italia, Baldini Vernici, Michail Tappeti, Scapecchi Argenterie, Morpier Argenti, Castelli Greve Pesa.
Architettura Aeronautica Militare, Cotto il Palagio, Cotto il Ferrone, Cotto Sannini, Tessuti Rubelli, Marchesi De Frescobaldi, Hotel Villa Stanley.
Reportage aziendale Cavalzani Inox, Nuovo Pignone, Consorzio Conciatori Santa Croce, IVV, Ceramiche Estensi, Richard Ginori.
Reportage Geografico o d’Archivio Per Bonechi Editore foto per le guide turistiche delle città di Firenze, Tunisi ed Hammamet, Wurzburg, per Editrice Giunti le immagini delle guide degli agriturismi Toscani e Umbri, per L’Associazione Albergatori dell’Isola D’Elba l’archivio per le immagini dell’Isola, Comune di Livorno immagini Istituzionali.”
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